How clear is your strategy?

strategic business writers

What is your brand? What is its central message?

Due to time constraints and a sense of urgency, teams often jump into writing without a solid plan or clear sense of the brand they want to communicate. They think it’s enough to slap together an outline and start writing. Smart businesses on the other hand walk carefully through the steps of distilling their brand, sharpening their core message, targeting their ideal audience, and pinpointing the results they want to achieve.

What most companies fail to do: They fail to make it crystal clear to their readers what the big picture looks like (your brand), how solutions fit into that picture (your strategy), and how those solutions specifically benefit the customer (your market).

• Planning helps assess the big picture, back story, and solutions.
• Analysis pins down how customers see their problems.
• Ingredients ensure readers are fed what they want to hear.
• Themes ensure that content is wrapped firmly around your core message.
• Organization ensures that content is easy to unwrap and understand.

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