Strategic Writing TIPs

Strategic Writing Tips | by Peter Ingle

Get rid of stuff

Simple is not popular

Each web site is a puzzle

4 elements of a web site

How to cook a web site

Is your web site passive or active?

What is your web site’s persona?

Why you should focus on one reader

Sketch like an artist

Talk before you write

Use the AIDA method

Establish your direction

Don’t color your world

Develop your own process

Empower small teams

Write for one reader

Flip your writing process

Use a table outline to build and expand

Include strategy at every step

Build on and around your core

Move from cloudy to clear

Build a cloud outline

START with the BOW and ARROW tool

Build with verbs and nouns

Writing is a lot like building

Show interest in your client

Get to the core of your message

5 limitations of the writer

6 limitations of the reader

What the reader wants

What the reader does not want

Avoid “preventative”

Don’t use “utilize”

Avoid “located in”

Say NO to “in order to”

Only one space after a period
blank text