Our Unique Method

Strategic Business Writing

Strategic Document Development. We think business documents should be carefully planned, beautifully organized, and impeccably written.

To achieve this, we use a modular approach to strategically plan and build documents around a central core message. We then wrap major themes around that core to complement and reinforce its message. A critical part of this process is to pack each theme with examples, benefits, proofs, and images that bolster the persuasiveness and impact of your message.

Our approach includes the following key elements:

• Analyze
Pinpoint your subject, purpose, audience, and intended results. Extract a core message as the foundation for your document.

• Plan
Avoid harried planning and endless rewriting. Lay the foundation and build layers—one at a time—on top of it.

• Organize
Most of our clients scoff at the idea of building an outline in 7 stages—until they see it done. Until they see their outline transformed from a nondescript list of topics into a crisp, modular, easy-to-manage tool of written construction.

• Write & Edit
Build all content around the core message. Sharpen the focus of each theme and pack each one with supporting evidence. Organize and refine the whole document through three stages of (1) comprehensive, (2) copy, and (3) proof editing.

• Design Excellence
Page design and graphics should always support your message, never compete with, muddy it, or camouflage it. Every element should serve a strategic purpose.

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