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Think before You Write | by Peter Ingle

Think Before You Write is unlike most books that simply regurgitate what is taught in elementary school about outlining and topic sentences. Peter’s approach to strategic development helps me write content that is understandable and useful to my readers. Five years later I’m still getting requests for copies of my white papers written with this approach. If you’re looking to learn how to write effectively, this is the book.

Brian K. Seitz, former IP Development Architect at Microsoft


Based on my professional writing workshops

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MOST BOOKS about writing focus on grammar, style, and usage without explaining how to plan, organize, and construct—how to actually build—documents. This book teaches you to distill your core message and build a document around that core to achieve the strategic result you intend for producing expert documents of any kind and size.

FEATURES include the bow-and-arrow tool, document sketching, 4 types of outlines, 7 stages of expanding an outline, professional methods for formatting text and tables, and using the AIDA method to craft fast, comprehensive business communications.

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